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Photo 3 The certification body for building materials, structures, preservation facilities, operations and services in building and quality management systems accredited in the National System of the Republic of Belarus (Certificate № BY/112

The testing center of building materials, structures and preservation facilities accredited in the National System of the Republic of Belarus (Certificate № BY/112

"MINSK STROIISPYTANIA" testing center accredited in the National System of Russia GOST R (GOSTSTROI of Russia) (Certificate № РОСС BY.9001.21СЛ87)

"Technical Institute of Certification and Testing" Close Corporation is an independent organization, which renders the whole package of services aimed at certifying and testing building materials, structures and preservation facilities, and providing its services in the areas of construction business and quality management systems (ISO 9001), it issues the certificates of conformance of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

"Technical Institute of Certification and Testing" Close Corporation was established at the end of 1995. In September of 1996 the Certification Body and Testing Center of Building Materials, Structures and Preserva-tion Facilities were accredited. In the course of company's further development we obtained our own office building as well as the production premises. This acquisition took place at the beginning of the year 2003. In August 2003 "MINSK STROIISPYTANIA" testing center was created and accredited in the National System of Russia GOST R (GOSTSTROI of Russia). In May 2004 the Body of certification of operations and services for construction businesses and quality management systems was established and accredited. Thus the area of testing center accreditation was significantly expanded. Since early 2004 we have been working on the creation of the training center for qualification upgrading. First of all, this center will be oriented on the training of spe-cialists in the area of quality control and management. As the standardization system of the Republic of Belarus is in the process of restructuring its activities in compliance with the European regulations, we are finishing the additional certification of the Certification Body and Testing Center in order to bring their services and products in full conformity with the European Union directives and CE marking.

    At present we certify the following products (our area of certification includes):
  • Building materials and structures: windows, doors, double pane units, glass, heat and sound insulating panels and mats, linoleum, plaster boards, ceramic and polyvinylchlo-ride tiles, roof covering and water proofing materials, tiles, polyethylene pipes, parquet, parts and elements of built-in cupboards and entresol, locks, converted timber, etc;
  • Bank equipment: safes, metal cabinets, bank depositories, doors of bank depositories, currency exchange offices, special bank vehicles, etc;
  • Special protection means: blinds, rollers (burglary proof locks), high strength glass, pro-tection and automobile glass, armour glass, armour clothes, etc;
    We are authorized to issue the certificate of conformance of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation to any manufacturer, who is willing to operate in the Belarusian and Russian markets. It allows us:
  • To prove the high quality level and competitiveness of the products made;
  • To reduce the expenses and simplify the customs clearance while shipping prod-ucts;
  • To be in the advantageous position ton conclude contracts on supplying products big structures currently in construction;
  • To successfully complete with Belarusian and Russian manufacturers;

"MINSK STROIISPYTANIA" testing center tests the products for conformity with the legislative documents of the Russian Federation. While obtaining the certificate of confor-mance of the National System of Russia GOST R (GOSTSTROI of Russia) the test results obtained are credited as the certification results. In the course of products certification for further receipt of the certificate of the National System of Russia GOST R (GOSTSTROI of Russia), the members of the testing center are authorized to take part in the work of the evaluation commission, which deals with product evaluation and assessment, and they have the right to select the product samples for testing. In addition to certification and testing of Belarusian and Russian manufacturers, our company successfully cooperates with the European manufacturers. Only in 2003-2004 we certified the following European companies:

In Germany - Profine GmbH and Winkhaus GmbH&Co,

In Poland - Winkhaus Polska Sp. z o.o., Metalplast LOB S.A., LB Profile-Poland Sp. z o.o., "Sokolka Okna i Drzwi" S.A. and "Stolarka Wolomin" S.A.

At present we have already concluded the contracts for product certification services to the following companies: Pilkington IGP Sp.z o.o. (Poland), Finarex (Poland), UAB Doleta (Lithuania), "SKAALA" Ikuunatehdas Hautanen Oy (Finland). We have received the applica-tions for certification work and now we are holding negotiations with the following companies: MUL-T-LOCK (Israel), Proplasto ("SPECTUS" polyvinylchloride profiles, Great Britain) and some other companies.
Our highly qualified staff will render you consultations related to product certification procedures, building procedures and services, quality management systems, procedures and order of processing of the required documents. Our staff will quickly and qualitatively conduct all necessary tests.

We are looking forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation!